This post comes after a long time. Actually, I was having a big moral dilemma related to my existence in a foreign land. Should I leave my abode — which had nestled me in for my entire education period in this land, provided the cosy comfort of fellow like-minded people and challenged me with the difficult question of ‘should I sleep now at 2.30 am for a 8.30 class in the morning after 6 hrs of gaming session?’. At last, I decided it was time to move on. And, I will surely miss the free laundry at this hostel which has been my residence for the past 6 years.

After gaining successful employment and making enough moolah to afford one’s own place as a rental in this astronomically expensive housing city-country, I was wondering should I leave my hostel. The management was perfectly fine with me extending my stay, since no new students were checking in. But it dawned on me that once my brother left after finishing his MBA ( he was my roommate for the duration of his MBA), I was probably the only surviving member from my university in that hostel.

There have been amazing memories linked with the place. Some of the best friends I made when I landed in this country, were made during the first few months of my stay in the hostel. The gang-ing up of all of us in one room of our friends’ literally making it the common area/mess cant be forgotten, the long ( when I say long I mean durations of nearly 3–6 hrs) sessions of Unreal Tournament right in the night before an early morning class, hogging onto one of friend’s internet for the entire gaming session and a walk to the nearest convenience store for late night noodles/chips/coke are just some of the priceless memories the place provided. I confess, it was a really big move for me. This was more so for me, since being a private hostel, anybody could check-in and leave at anytime and while I stayed the whole duration, my friends kept on going and re-checking-in again just for the fun of the stay.

Once most of the guys moved out, the headquarter for everyone shifted to my room. The few that were left had good long sessions of cards, UNO and general gossip about the absolute uselessness of the world and economy in general. All thanks to my very emphatic new room-mate (an economics senior at my university) who took any wrong decision by IMF or UN as a personal wrong-doing against him. Some just came to our room not to chill or talk, but to SLEEP! Yes, SLEEP!. they said, they found solace in my room. Alas, these things made the life more interesting and enjoyable.

There were times when I used to wonder why I was in this place and what I was doing in the hostel. The hot home-made food was a constant focal point of discussion while having maggi or cold restaurant/food-court food and then there were times of pure depression and disgust. But its the hostel that made me more confidant, open and having a form of self-belief that I can do things on my own, no matter what the situation maybe. And that is something I cherish extensively from my stay in the place. Oh! and the free laundry, I cherish the free laundry. 😛

Originally published at on October 9, 2011.